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With toning, polishing, soaking, deep-tissue massage and so much more there's nothing that makes you feel more like royalty than treating your body to a day at the spa.

Spa culture is all about serenity, tranquility and healthy living. So whether you escape to the spa on your lunch break, or take an entire week at a destination spa you are sure to leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated - a whole new glowing version of yourself.

There is no better way to take time out for yourself and concentrate on what your body needs. Most day spas realize this and will design your treatment to specifically address your individual physical, mental and spiritual needs.

Spending time at a spa shouldn't be reserved solely for special occasions, it should be a treat that you give yourself on a regular basis. So slow down, take a respite from the pressures of everyday life and get ready to say "spaaah."