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The word diet has two meanings here in North America. The first 'diet' as in, "Some New Yorker's live on a tasty diet of knish's and hot dogs," is different than the, "I'm on the Atkins diet," meaning. The first denotes a lifestyle where, what you eat is incidental and largely determined by your environment. The second denotes a conscious decision to eat certain foods a certain times, in certain quantities.

Whatever the meaning a diet describes what you put in your body for fuel, and obviously the better the fuel the more efficient your body will be. And if your body is working at peak performance you'll have the power to undertake whatever you want. Exercise, adventure, happiness and romance will all come naturally if your body likes what you are feeding it. 

So whether you are looking for a total lifestyle overhaul, or simply some hints on how to cut calories, lose weight and look smoking hot, there is a diet for you.

Atkins Diet Atkins Diet
Blood Type Diet Blood Type Diet
Cabbage Soup Diet Cabbage Soup Diet
DDS System DDS System
Detox Diet Detox Diet
Diabetic Diet Diabetic Diet
Grapefruit Diet Grapefruit Diet
Green Tea Diet Green Tea Diet
High fiber diet High fiber diet
High Protein Diet High Protein Diet
Lemonade Diet Lemonade Diet
Liquid Diet Liquid Diet
Low Calorie Diet Low Calorie Diet
Low Carb Diet Low Carb Diet
Low Cholesterol Diets Low Cholesterol Diets
Low Fat Diet Low Fat Diet
Low Sodium Diet Low Sodium Diet
Macrobiotic Diet Macrobiotic Diet
Mediterranean Diet Mediterranean Diet
Peanut Butter Diet Peanut Butter Diet
Scarsdale Diet Scarsdale Diet
Six Meals a Day Diet Six Meals a Day Diet
South Beach Diet South Beach Diet
Spas And Nutrition Spas And Nutrition
The 3 Day Diet The 3 Day Diet
The DASH Diet The DASH Diet
The Zone The Zone
Vegetarian Diet Vegetarian Diet
Weight Watchers Weight Watchers